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iShakeup is a platform to learn and engage with the stories of those who are achieving greatness in life with hard work and resilience. There is immense beauty in every story as well as in adversity. 

We hope the wisdom, curiosity, and tenacity of our featured guests who are just like you will invigorate you to unlock your desire and shift your focus into a new value system, "I am in charge of my life. I am the designer and master of my life. I can shake up my life." We hope the collective brainpower at iShakeup will inspire you to find a higher purpose and spark your creativity and aspirations to arrive at the "Magnificent Version of Yourself" as you so define! 



Unlock Your Desire

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Unlock Your Desire

Rayhan E. Asat 

Designing the content of your life as you desire. Owning and embracing your currency. Seizing the joy! 

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