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Rashaida Melvin// Harvard Educator turned entrepreneur, Diva, Good Morning Washington

Rashaida Melvin, an educator, entrepreneur, and dancer! Growing up in an environment where there was only one black teacher compelled Rashada to realize the importance of an educational program where diverse voices are adequately reflected. She pursued a path to design an education system that is inclusive towards kids of different racial, ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. 


Rashaida is a true diva. No matter what she does, she never gives up on her passion. She turned her passion into a business and became an owner of the Diva Dance Studio. Diva Dance Studio's philosophy is confidence and community building. Since Rashada took the reins of Diva Dance Studio, she increased the clientele and featured on Good morning Washington. As an entrepreneur, Rashada truly appreciates the value of customers' feedback so that she can create a home where all aspiring dancers build confidence and friendship. Here is my conservation with Rashaida Melvin. My biggest takeaway from this conversation is that regardless of where we are in life, we should always strive to keep our passion and hobbies alive! Because we never know that one day those hobbies can become our new ventures. Please Subscribe!

Welcome to Own Your Currency Podcast 

Welcome to Own Your Currency Podcast! I am Rayhan Asat, a lawyer, entrepreneur, and blogger! 


This is a platform to learn and engage with the stories of those who are pursuing excellence with hard work, resilience, and joy! Each story is unique, colorful, and full of life. By leaning into our individual experience, embracing our stories, we live our truth. Only then can we design our lives as we desire. In a series of conversations with my guests, we deconstruct their path to owning their currency and seizing the joy!

For the very first episode, I invited a dear friend, Gabriela Esmeral to share my vision for this podcast! I strive for excellence. This is just beginning and I look forward to delivering great content for you! 

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