The Grandeur of Collective Brain Power at iShakeup

Ed Catmull of Pixar observed that "Engaging with the collective power of people in a business is one of the major factors of building a creative business."

Collective brainpower is active intelligence building. It is a process of accumulating wisdom, knowledge, and brilliance. Collective wisdom sprouts through engagement with and the incubation of ideas. Engaging with diverse viewpoints enable us to test our own views while learning the art of collaboration and a sense of humility. Why are different views so important? As Simon Sinek who mastered the simple and yet profound formula, let's start with the Why.

Diversity in thoughts leads to creativity and innovation. When we listen and engage with diverse opinions, we learn to see the problem or issue from multiple angles and perhaps avoid many mishaps. Simultaneously, we challenge our own habitual responses and biased views. We will also learn the art of collaboration with one another, especially those who hold different opinions than our own. Through collaboration, we can gather intelligence and share wisdom. Many studies have shown that collaboration yields creative problem solving and innovation. Many successful ventures are co-founded with the combination of two or multiple forward-thinkers or experts of different fields.

Tuning into different views and opinions requires active listening, processing, and reflecting. We live in a world where "Tuning In" has become so unattainable! Many of us are so fixated on our views that we close our heart to any other voice. We are eager to talk about ourselves and always pondering the next topic we wish to discuss rather than "actively listening" and "following up!"

I liken collaborative work to the art of persuasion. Through collaboration and innovation, we bask in excellence!

Innovation: Our world is continuously evolving; Technology is influencing, altering, and disrupting every field. In the ever-evolving world, success can be sustained only for so long unless we adapt to the changes and respond with innovative thinking that addresses the emerging needs of society. As Albert Einstein so aptly noted, "The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." Innovation and disruption are everywhere. The "Customer's Needs" are also changing rapidly with the progression of society. We can't serve customers with the same service that we deployed ages ago. Understanding and examining the "Customer's Wants" enable us to stay current, innovative, and edgy. The success of innovative ventures like Rent the Runway, Class Pass, Netflix, The Skimm, Uber, and Lyft are remarkable examples of understanding the changing customer needs and responding to the advancement of society. These companies continue to disrupt their respective industry by continuously augmenting and innovating.

Ingrained Assumption: Our subconscious minds are eager to make assumptions. Innovators and creative thinkers are great at examining and re-examining assumptions and challenging conventional thinking!

Innovative thinking always arises from the bottom," a key tested principle that I learned in the Disruptive Strategy course with Professor Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School Online

The stories about various startup companies, small business owners, drivers of disruption, and the innovation, drive, and unwavering determination behind their success and excellence may inspire and stimulate us all to think about own path for achieving a higher purpose. The choice between sustaining and thriving appears too easy! In reality, it is not! It is easier to get comfortable in life and lose our desire and aspirations that we once held so dearly!

Unlocking our desire! Let our "Desire" turn into a "Fire!"

I've desired to publish this website for a long time. Like many of us, I also fall victim to self-doubt despite being acutely aware of the very fact that I bring experience and expertise to different topics. I can engage in high-level discussions and issues. I placed my desire in the little lonely corner of my heart rather than at the forefront. I so desire X, Y, Z... I kept telling myself, without any execution. Our "aspiration or desire" for whatever we wish to do, must turn into a fire to find its deserving place in our heart, mind, and imagination! Only then will, our displaced desire become a "burning desire" and will fire from our heart and start breathing, living, and singing.

We are the architects and painter of our life. We are the ones who craft our own stories. We are the ones who design the content of our lives. The content can be colorful that represent all four seasons, bittersweetness, joy, pain, laughter, tears, anger, and peace! We fall, fall again, rise, grow, thrive, resist, and embrace everything life throws at us! We are the designers of our own destiny! Each one of us can dare to dream, live purposefully, lead innovation, and become an inspiration! In the modern world, each one of us can become innovators and disruptors! We challenge all the impossibilities and beat the odds. Perhaps, our social conditions and socio-economic environment envisioned only certain possibilities for us and yet we can disrupt that narrative and design a new vision and path for our future. It is a world of possibilities that are waiting for you and your magical creativity. Together we become the ultimate power!

"True Innovation never means abandoning the old. It is to introduce different perspectives and re-examines old ideas with a different angle and find an elevated solution." Rayhan E. Asat

My dear ones, through discussion and engagement with iShakeup, we aim to assist you, perhaps the would-be entrepreneur, to find your calling and leap faster with assertion and conviction. If the featured guests on iShakeup can do it, so can you. Learn to let go the regret over yesterday and fear of tomorrow. Choose to live in the forever presence of now and march on! We are the designers of our lives; we will shake up our own destiny! Together, we are the power!

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