One Person, One Idea

Then Came the Change,

So Began Empowerment,

For Her,

We are Grateful!

With one of the remarkable speakers, Judge Marilyn Milian

September 25-28, 2019, I had the immense pleasure of attending the Corporate Counsel Women of Color ("CCWC") event. As the general counsel of Home Depot, Teresa Wynn Roseborough, so brilliantly stated: "15 years ago, a woman named, Laurie Robinson Haden, had an idea," she envisioned to provide a support network to in-house women of color and to facilitate networking around the nation and abroad, and to promote career advancement programs for them to succeed. Today, along with 1500 female lawyers from the United States, I heard incredibly uplifting messages and stories of bravery from the remarkable speakers at the conference.

Teresa, as an influential role model for many young lawyers, practiced and promoted "Long Spoon Leadership," in which every one nourishes each other. As seen in the photo, “Long Spoon Leadership” calls for nurturing and giving without asking anything in return. With such a leadership model, we can strengthen the career of others by being relentless advocates! We have to provide concrete ways for others to improve and foster a mentality of giving! By amplifying the voice of others, we amplify our own. With this kindness, while accepting her own award, Teressa also bestowed an honor of "Long Spoon Leadership" upon Laurie Robinson Haden. Two women, who supported, appreciated, and empowered each other and showed us the true meaning of "Long Spoon Leadership." What a wonderful world, I felt Louis Armstrong's lyrics when they exchanged a moment of solidarity.

The awe-inspiring Steve Pamberdon taught us the beauty and impact of "seeing others" and the significance of a small act of kindness. More importantly, creating a chance in the world for fellow human beings. His story, resilience, and the witty sense of humor Steve maintained in the face of obstacles and unfairness profoundly impacted my world views. His story taught me to see infinite possibilities rather than difficult circumstances.

The great Verna Myers imparted her wisdom by sharing her "Impact Strategies."

(I) Invest in your culture;

[M] Master your workplace culture;

[P] Perception, get a good perception of their culture;

[A] Adapt your cultural identity;

[C] Compassion, find compassion in those in fear; and

[T] Take the lead.

Her message of investing in our own culture is one that I have and will always hold dearly. Valorie Burton taught us the importance of gratitude. I salute all the female lawyers who challenged the system when women were excluded from entering legal education. Not only did you attended law school, but you excelled and thrived and became decision-makers that paved the way for the generations of women lawyers. Thank you for being you!

One person and one idea can create a sea of change. During the conference, I shared my story of founding the American Turkic International Lawyers Association.("ATILA") The amazing attendees were so uplifting and encouraged me that I could be looking at the future of ATILA. I returned home inspired, uplifted, and ever determined to turn ATILA into an organization that fosters relationships and friendships. Because together, we can help and empower each other to push our limits, tear down barriers, and reach our full potential as leaders in our field.

As Judge Marilyn Milian so aptly noted, "Real change occurs when we all support each other! " Last but not least, as the beautiful CeCe Winans sealed the deal with her magnetic voice, one song, one action, can impact another human being. Let's be that one person, one voice, and lend kindness to each other in the legal profession, and in our personal relationships.

P.S. Valerie encouraged us to be cognizant of our approval addictions. If you like this article, please share and spread the words. I will make sure not to check my likes and shares. :)


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