The Power of Words!

Hello Beautiful people!

There is a saying that goes "actions speak louder than words." So true in most context. Let's not forget though; words are the most potent form of expression. That is why we read/write stories, novels, and listen to poems that touch our heart! When our hard work is recognized with words such as" Excellent Job" conveyed with sincerity, these simple words do wonders to our heart and bring a sense of appreciation. As Dale Carnegie so brilliantly explained:

In our interpersonal relations we should never forget that all our associates are human beings and hunger for appreciation. It is the legal tender that all souls enjoy.

That is the power of words conveyed [in sincerity.]

After spending a lovely evening with a dear friend, she uttered a few beautiful words to me. That remark by her prompted me to ponder and write this blog post. As a background, she is my person, confidant, and sounding board, and she knows me well. As we were walking, I told her about launching the iShakeup. She turned to me and said: "Honey, I don't say this enough. I love you, and I am so proud of you!" The sincerity in her voice and her message empowered me in ways that I can't describe!

Recall a point in which you were going through a difficult time, and you showed up for yourself at work, school, or the field. First, let's celebrate you're a fighter! Wouldn't it be so impactful to hear someone telling you that instead of giving up, you are showing up! Sometimes, showing up is enough! Because tomorrow is always another day for a bigger fight. By showing up, you are inspiring and empowering your witnesses!

Life is messy, and that is why it is so beautiful! Despite whatever we are going through in life, we all fight in one way or another. Whatever method we are applying in dealing with difficult times, we are fighting back in the way we know how. That moment is temporary until we figure it out next step. It is so crucial for us to realize that we are fighting and showing up for ourselves. We need that hug and love from ourselves. When the source of that warmth and appreciation are our friends, they are even more powerful! Sometimes, it is reassuring to receive powerful message and words from friends that we are doing fine. We are living daringly in the face of challenges. That words of affirmation are so powerful and become a source of strength.

Unfortunately, words as powerful as they are, they can be hurtful too! If you don't know the story, read about it. The Great Abraham Lincoln never sent his angry letter to his general who disobeyed his orders during the Civil War. He expressed his frustration and reduced it into writing. But, he chose not to send the letter because he knew this would alienate him from his general. Lincoln's mastering the art of empathy made him a great leader.

Once words are expressed, we can not take them back! Sometimes, it is good to send that "About to Send" message to ourself. Then, we can decide the next day whether we still want to convey that message. We all had moments in life where we felt we should have slept on that decision. It does not take monumental effort to master the art of empathy. We are born to be good-hearted. We can learn this form of expression if we exercise and learn bit by bit! I am also learning!

Words are sensational,

Words move mountains,

Words write stories,

The stories than motivate a soul reading somewhere,

And heal wounded hearts,

Just like that,

Words transcend to the Universe,

Touch a human soul,

So begins empowerment!

Let's pick up a phone and send a message to loved ones, friends, co-workers, employees, mentors, or someone we know. Let's tell them something that we appreciate in them that adds value to our lives. Let's all send a bit of love to the universe and be kinder to each other! It is such a beautiful thing to brighten somebody's day! You never know what comes next!

Yours truly!


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